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Horizon Worlds Tester
Meta Horizon Worlds Builder

Hey there! It's Preneura from Meta Horizon Worlds.

Since many people ask me what my name (username in the metaverse) means, I'm just going to get that out of the way,

"Preneura" - female version of an entrepreneur.

I'd like to welcome you to ToBePreneur.com.

ToBePreneur.com was born from a shared passion for entrepreneurship, personal growth, and the virtual world. I'm a creator in Meta Horizon Worlds. While in there, I was inspired by the potential of the metaverse, I envision a platform that not only offers unique, meta-inspired apparel and digital assets but also fosters a positive and abundant mindset. This site is mainly for fun, I love creating, writing 


Mindset Centric Designs

Our IRL products (aka physical products) are not just "products"; they're expressions of a positive and entrepreneurial mindset, some with a "metaversial" twist and others with a bit of humor. Every design is personally crafted in-house.

Metaverse Connection

As active members of the metaverse community, we're dedicated to sharing our love for the virtual world. Our blog covers topics related to Meta Horizon Worlds and Entrepreneurship.

Creator Showcase

Explore a curated selection of worlds within Meta Horizon Worlds here, which is regularly updated. Immerse yourself in many worlds created by extremely talented creators.

No-Compromise Quality

We partner with trusted print on demand companies to bring you high quality, durable IRL products (aka physical products).

Get in Touch

We're here 24/7 to listen to suggestions, answer questions, and address any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us here.

Join Our Journey

At ToBePreneur.com, we believe in the power of mindset and the potential of the metaverse. Join us on this exciting journey of self discovery, entrepreneurship, and virtual exploration. Together, we'll create a brighter future in both the real and virtual worlds.

Thank you for visiting ToBePreneur.com.

We're honored to be alongside you.